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Thursday, October 20th, 2005
3:00 pm
Grizzly Bear Man

Our new short Grizzly Bear Man is now online at www.travisandjonathan.com.

Six months from now, I'll post another plug.  LiveJournaling is fun!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
8:32 am
Tonight is Tinatown and Travis Island Night
Tinatown and Travis Island
A Two Person Show
Starring Travis Harmon, Tina Kapousis, and
Jonathan Shockley
TONIGHT! (Tuesday, 4/19)
9:30 PM, $5
Second City Studio Theatre
8156 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Thursday, March 31st, 2005
10:50 pm
April is Tinatown and Travis Island Month!

If you will be in Los Angeles during the month of April, including Tuesdays, then you're in luck!  Tinatown and Travis Island is playing at the Second City Studio Theatre every Tuesday in April.  That includes the April 5th, April 12th, April 19th, and April 26th!  As a matter of fact, it includes EVERY Tuesday in April.  All Tuesdays!   9:30 PM!  Five bucks at the door!  For more info, go to www.tinatownandtravisisland.com.  Starring and written by Travis Harmon, Tina Kapousis, and Jonathan Shockley.  Please come. 

I will someday post something that isn't a plug.

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
11:09 am
Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
11:02 pm
guilt trip

Shockley.  Shirtless.  Who wouldn't want to see that?  Come see my inverted nipple in the nipple-icious sketch comedy of The Stick Figures.  It's at Improv Olympic West on Tuesdays at 11 PM on May 4, 11, and 18th. 5 bucks.  Come see me play a castaway, an Armenian stripper, a paraplegic park ranger, and Hitler.  Something for everyone!

Info: http://www.iowest.com/shows/special#stickfigures

And come see my team Old People In Yachting Clothes in the IO's Harold competition this Wednesday at 8 PM!  We need your votes.  I can't promise I'll take my shirt off for this one, but I can't completely rule it out, either.

Info: http://www.iowest.com/teams/oldpeople

You know how it works:  Come see me in my crap, I'll eventually have to come see you in your crap.

Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
1:31 pm
Is it just me, or does Wesley Clark look like a sexier Geraldine Ferraro?
Friday, January 16th, 2004
11:12 pm
Stating The Obvious
Boy, that Michael Jackson is just plain crazy, ain't he?
Thursday, January 15th, 2004
9:28 pm
For My Pyramid Homies
On page 42 of today's Variety, under the headline "'Pyramid' mystery: Sony TV yanks strip"

"According to latest Nielsen numbers, "Pyramid" finished the week of Jan. 4 up, with a 1.9 rating, a 6% increase season to date. Although sixth among syndie gameshows, it was widely thought to be renewable.

News comes the same day the distrib released its Feb sweeps celebrity sked, including a promotion on the Feb. 5 episode of "Friends" when Matt LeBlanc's character appears as a "Pyramid" contestant.

Since strip exhibited no signs of being on the bubble, insiders believe Sony is clearing the decks for its fall launches: Hourlong chatfest "Life & Style" or half-hour "Pat Croce: Moving In."

Pat Croce, although I don't know who that is, is stupid.

Then on Page 43 of Variety, in an article about a new game show called "Deal Or No Deal" coming to ABC prime time, a producer is quoted as saying:

"There's a feeling out there that the game is coming back," Goldberg said. "It's part of the natural ebb and flow of genres. The fact that...Pyramid is doing quite well, people feel like now's the time for a new game."

Dude. Bad omen for "Deal or No Deal."
4:04 pm
Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
11:42 pm
Recently At Work, Again
In my office, if it’s somebody’s birthday, a cake is snuck in and the word is spread and everybody quietly crams into the tiny hot kitchen/lunchroom and one person is dispatched to fetch the birthday boy and or girl, who is “surprised” to walk into the tiny hot kitchen/lunchroom and find their coworkers and a snuck in cake and a dancing hamster.

The hamster wears a hat that says “Happy Birthday!” and when it's turned on the hamster sings “Happy Birthday!” and dances. It’s called the Birthday Rat around the office, and my boss bought it so that the bashful or mortified wouldn’t feel trapped into singing “Happy Birthday!” but this rare generous idea has been perverted so that now we all sit and watch the Rat sing and then we all have to sing, too.

My manager is a gay Hawaiian, and is as cool as you would imagine a gay Hawaiian to be, which is, very. On his birthday they did more than bring out the Rat:

When we walked into the kitchen, The Big Boss, a short loud always-right woman, misted you in the face with a spray bottle of water. A plastic lei was placed around your neck. Hawaiian music played on a pink boombox. A guava cake had been purchased. You see, it was just like being on the islands!

This was all awkward enough. But when my gay Hawaiian manager came in, and the boombox was shut off and the Rat turned on and the singing muddled through, there was a final birthday surprise/horror:

My coworker Shelley would hula!

I don’t understand Shelley’s heritage. It’s something like Guam by way of Wisconsin. She has a thick Midwestern accent. She’s very pretty, but large. She entered, wearing a grass skirt and coconutty-bikini top. There was a long moment when my always-right boss and Shelley couldn’t get the tape to play in the boom box, followed by a hushed discussion and a quick flip-over of the cassette. Hula music played. And Shelley danced the hula. For I would guess eight weeks.

Shelley is not vain, or a showboat, or an airhead, or on drugs, or anything else that would explain the behavior of dancing a hula in front of coworkers. No one knew what to do. We watched her, sorta; we couldn't look at each other. And she would look at us, so we couldn't stare away. Are hulas especially long dances? Because this seemed to go on and on and on. I broke out in a flop sweat of embarrassment. Finally it ended. I think Shelley sensed our discomfort. She stopped the tape before the song ended. The tiny lunchroom broke out in applause. My manager said thanks. We grabbed cake and dispersed.

My pits were soaked.
12:13 am
Recently At Work
Christmas is the Samoan lady who works next to me, and when I say next to me I mean pretty damn close, but not as close as previously because they moved the Guatemalan to the back of the office and now only Christmas and I share a workstation.

A few weeks ago Christmas pinned a picture up on her side of the work station. I noticed it on my way to the kitchen. It was cut out of a newsweekly, a picture of fatigued Filipino soldiers, rifles drawn. They were either engaged in a firefight or striking fearsome poses. There was a guy with one of them triangled wicker hats on a water buffalo behind the soldiers.

I shouldn’t have said anything. “Say Christmas, why do you have a picture of soldiers up on your side of the workstation?”

She said, “Oh, I hope people will not notice soldiers.”

I asked what else was in the picture to notice.

She said, “The land. The field, where the soldiers are, and the trees and plants behind. This is Phillipines, but land looks very much like American Samoa. It remind me of home.”

“Oh. Oh, yeah, I see it now. It’s a very pretty field.” I went to the kitchen.

When I came back Christmas had cut the soldiers out of the picture. There was a giant amoeba shaped hole, and half the photo was gone. The water buffalo was still there, though. And the trees and plants behind.

“Aw, no! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you cut up your picture.” I guess she didn’t want to be seen as pro-war.

“No, no. Soldiers gone. But the hole is noticeable hole, hmm.” She went to the kitchen.

She came back with the picture stapled over brown construction paper. “Now it looks like mud puddle!” She beamed.

“Yeah, that’s a great mud puddle!”

I must have been unconvincing. She fretted, “Maybe I should find picture of pig to put in mud puddle so people will know is mud puddle.”

“I guess… I guess you could.”

She went back to the kitchen. I guess she was poring over the back issues of Newsweek in the dining area. Somehow she found a tiny picture of a pig’s head. She gluesticked it into the middle of the hole.

She stepped back, took it all in. “Perhaps it needs more plants around the hole to make it look natural.”
So she stripped leaves off a plastic flower arrangement and cut them down to size, then pasted them around the hole.

“What do you think?” she asked.

I said it looked great.

She took it down the next day.
Monday, January 12th, 2004
10:51 am
In Case You Thought I Wasn't Shallow Anymore
I saw George Segal at the post office by my work on Friday. At the Grove on Christmas Eve I saw Tracy Morgan's wife on his new sitcom, the crazy brother of the Rachel Griffiths character from Six Feet Under, and Jon Voight.
Monday, January 5th, 2004
8:35 pm
I'm obsessed with loading music into my computer so I can play it on Itunes. I love seeing how many times I've played a song. It bothers me that when I'm in my car, with the radio or a cd or the strange things we once called "Tapes", that listening to a song doesn't add to that song's tally. It's probably a good thing I don't have an Ipod. Things would only get worse.
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003
11:18 pm
Drunk post
I never drink, and I post even less. But Myndsoup (I don't know where to find the post it that tells me how to link things) taught me that Red Bulls and Vodkas are good, and you know what? When you run out of Red Bull, Cran Apple will do. I was in Rite Aid tonight and there was a homeless guy buying a 40. He was singing along to the Christmas Muzak, even though it wasn't the right song: "Hey, i know this song "Jingle Jangle Batman smells!" and hekept singin. Merry Christmas homeless guy! You sure had a lot of hair.
Friday, December 5th, 2003
3:27 pm
I think I was just in an elevator with Lionel Richie.
Sunday, August 10th, 2003
7:13 pm
7:12 pm
I Just Got It!
E-Z Reader! Easy Rider! It was a pun!

See, I'm still learning things from the Electric Company, even after all these years.
Thursday, April 10th, 2003
10:02 pm
Posting Is Only For Celebrity Sightings
I just saw Matt Groening at the newsstand across the street.
Monday, December 23rd, 2002
11:18 pm
Even a miracle needs a hand...
As a special holiday gift for my livejournal pals, here's a special Yuletide post:

Well, I guess I'm going back to Tennessee tomorrow.
Sunday, September 22nd, 2002
1:39 am
Well, I guess I live in Los Angeles now.
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